For Most Strokes, Clot-Retrieval Device Boosts Effectiveness of Drug Treatment

 – February 11, 2015  –– 

In most patients suffering a potentially devastating ischemic stroke, the added use of a medical device designed to retrieve the blockage and restore flow of blood to the brain reduces rates of death and disability, four new studies have demonstrated. Both clinical trials described in the New England Journal of Medicine were ended early when it became clear that the addition of clot-retrieval devices to clot-dissolving medication was superior in treating ischemic stroke when compared with clot-dissolving medication alone. “These are overwhelmingly, unequivocally positive numbers," said J Mocco, MD, Director of Cerebrovascular Surgery at the Mount Sinai Health System in New York City.

- Dr. J Mocco, Director of Cerebrovascular Surgery, Department of Neurological Surgery, Mount Sinai Health System

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