Canned Oxygen: Latest Craze to Keep You Energized

 – March 8, 2015  –– 

You have heard of energy drinks and flavored water but how about flavored oxygen? This is the latest craze some believe will leave you feeling renewed and reenergized but it is a pricey way to get a breath of fresh air. The canned oxygen is promoted for recreational use only to supposedly ease altitude sickness, headaches and jetlag, and to reboot after aerobics workout, and some claim, after a tough night out. Neurologist, Mark Green, MD, at The Mount Sinai Hospital says, “The evidence is fairly weak. Even if the effect occurs, it tends to be short-lived because there is not very much oxygen in these containers.”

- Dr. Mark Green, Professor, Neurology, Headache, Anesthesiology, Rehabilitation Medicine, Icahn School of Medicine at Mount Sinai

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