Multicenter Phase II Study of Transanal Total Mesorectal Excision (taTME) With Laparoscopic Assistance for Rectal Cancer

ID Number 16-2009

Principal Investigator(s)
Patricia Sylla

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Each year 40,000 people are diagnosed with rectal cancer in the United States. Although chemotherapy and radiation play an important role in the treatment of advanced rectal cancer, surgery is essential to the management of the disease. The purpose of this research study is to discover whether this approach is effective compared to the standard laparoscopic robotic technique. taTME with Laparoscopic Assistance is a procedure that combines standard laparoscopy, or multiple small abdominal incisions, with surgery through the anus in order to remove rectal cancer. This procedure is an alternative to standard abdominal surgery to remove cancer of the rectum.

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Ninette Bonaccorso
(212) 241-2065

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