AALL1131: A Phase III Randomized Trial for Newly Diagnosed High Risk B-precursor Acute Lymphoblastic Leukemia (ALL) Testing Clofarabine (IND#73789, NSC# 606869) in the Very High Risk Stratum

ID Number 80-0066-01131

Principal Investigator(s)
Birte Wistinghausen

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In a recently completed COG study, several patients with DS HR-ALL died from infections during treatment, mainly during Induction and Maintenance. Infections and death are known possible complications of treatment, but more of these complications occurred in patients with Down syndrome. On this study, Induction and Maintenance therapy (described below) have been changed from the usual treatments in an effort to decrease toxicity. We do not know if these changes will decrease toxicity. Therefore, we also will closely monitor patients, with the aim of reducing the number of unintended and unwanted results of treatment (serious side effects) and deaths among children and adolescents with DS HR-ALL.

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Katrina Watson
(212) 241-6906

Recruiting Patients: No