Center for Achieving & Sustaining Improved Health/Harlem

ID Number 02-0515-00500

Principal Investigator(s)
Nina A Bickell

Department(s) or Division(s)
Population Health Science and Policy


The Center for Achieving and Sustaining Improved Health in Harlem is a Center of Excellence to Reduce Disparities in health and healthcare. The Center builds on a foundation of disparities work we've conducted, expands to a new generation of intervention trials, is enthusiastically supported by our community partners and bolstered by their novel strategies to enroll and retain participants. These trials aim to enhance patient self-management skills, an approach our own data are beginning to show is both highly effective and sustainable in Harlem. Our research also focuses on facilitating the sustainability of proven-effective interventions.

Contact Information
Rebeca Franco
(212) 659-9587

Recruiting Patients: Yes