New Directions in the Genetics of Impulsivity and Aggression

ID Number 96-0450

Principal Investigator(s)
Maria de las Mercedes Perez-Rodriguez

Department(s) or Division(s)

Research Entity
Mood and Personality Disorders Research Program


The goals of this project are to examine how problems such as impulsivity, aggression, angry moods, and emotional and thinking problems are determined by genetic factors. Personality disorder and healthy control subjects come in for a single blood draw. Genetics studies permit the exploration of the contribution of specific genes in which there are known polymorphisms that may be associated with susceptibility to a particular mental illness. Through genetic analyses for this study, our researchers are able to explore these genetic polymorphisms with the hopes of determining how these types of issues run in families.  

Contact Information
Amanda Fisher
(212) 241-2190

Recruiting Patients: Yes