Message from the Director

Eric J. Nestler, MD, PhD
Director, The Friedman Brain Institute

The nervous system is the last frontier of the molecular revolution in medicine. Thanks to remarkable advances in studying the brain and spinal cord-many developed and in practice at Mount Sinai-impressive strides have been made in understanding how the nervous system functions under normal conditions and malfunctions in disease. We are uniquely poised to take these advances and translate them into fundamentally new and improved treatments of brain and spinal cord disorders.

The goal of The Friedman Brain Institute is to coordinate all neuroscience research at Mount Sinai-both basic and clinical-being carried out in numerous departments on campus, and to build translational bridges to clinical treatment programs throughout the new Mount Sinai Health System. Our research and clinical faculty members are national and international leaders, committed to an improved understanding of the nervous system and to real clinical advances in diagnosis and treatment.