Liver Cancer Program

The long range goal of the Liver Cancer (LC) program is to generate groundbreaking advances in understanding mechanisms of hepatocellular (HCC) and intrahepatic cholangiocarcinoma (ICC), and to apply these towards the development and early testing of novel, personalized therapies that will improve the outlook for patients with these catastrophic malignancies. The Liver Cancer program aims to address these diseases through its highly integrated and internationally recognized basic, translational and clinical research program. Core activities include extensive outreach programs in ethnic communities to screen and detect viral hepatitis and HCC, laboratory studies of HCV, HBV, fatty liver and HCC pathogenesis using a range of mammalian and genetically tractable models (e.g., genetically altered mice and zebrafish), fundamental investigations into the molecular and cellular basis of hepatic fibrosis and alcoholic liver disease, translational studies exploring novel drivers and signaling pathways involved in hepatocarcinogenesis, and proof-of-concept trials and large clinical trials to advance the diagnosis and treatment of hepatic fibrosis, viral hepatitis and liver cancer.

Program Leaders

Scott L. Friedman, MD
Josep Llovet, MD

Program Members

Name Degree(s) Title Department/Division (Primary)
Other Dept/Div
Ang, Celina MD Assistant Professor Medicine/Hematology and Medical Oncology
Bansal, Meena MD Associate Professor Medicine/Liver Diseases
Branch, Andrea PhD Professor

Medicine/Liver Diseases
PhD Professor Pharmacology and Systems
Chang, Charissa MD Assistant Professor Medicine/Liver Diseases
MD Professor Medicine/Liver Diseases
Evans, Matthew PhD Assistant Professor Microbiology
Facciuto, Marcelo MD Associate Professor Surgery, Liver Transplant
Federman, Alex MD, MPH Associate Professor Medicine/General Internal Medicine
Fiel, MariaIsabel MD Professor Pathology
Florman, Sander MD Professor Surgery
Friedman, Scott MD
Dean for Therapeutic Discovery
Chief, Division of Liver Diseases
Medicine/Liver Diseases
PhD Assistant Professor
Developmental and Regenerative Biology
Medicine/Liver Diseases
Hoshida, Yujin MD, PhD Assistant Professor Medicine/Liver Diseases
Llovet, Josep MD Professor Medicine/Liver Diseases
Nieto, Natalia PhD Associate Professor Medicine/Liver Diseases
MD Assistant Professor Medicine/Liver Diseases
PhD Associate Professor
Medicine/Liver Diseases
Developmental and Regenerative Biology
Sarpel, Umut MD Assistant Professor Surgery
Schwartz, Myron MD Professor Liver Transplant
Sung, Max MD Associate Professor
Medicine/Hematology and Medical Oncology
Oncological Sciences
Taouli, Bachir MD Associate Professor Radiology
Thung, Swan MD Professor Pathology
Ward, Stephen MD, PhD Assistant Professor Pathology