Cancer Prevention and Control Program 

The Cancer Prevention and Control (CPC) Program is devoted to improving the lives of people affected by cancer through research, training, and community outreach. 

The Cancer Prevention and Control (CPC) Program is devoted to improving the plight of cancer patients by understanding the barriers they face to receiving state-of-the-art interventions to reduce cancer incidence, improve treatment outcomes and relieve suffering. CPC investigations focus on progressing the latest scientific findings and novel therapeutic strategies into the community – the natural culmination of translational research efforts. 

The CPC Program represents a thematically-driven inter-disciplinary research initiative investigating biological, behavioral, and psychosocial factors in cancer etiology, prevention, early detection, treatment and follow-up. Across this spectrum of behavioral research is a strong commitment to understanding and addressing community health disparities. Program members include a diverse group of epidemiologists, physicians, and psychologists. 

Located on the southern edge of the neighborhood of East Harlem in New York City, the CPC Program addresses the health disparities that directly affect the local community. Harlem is a predominantly African American and Latino neighborhood with higher unemployment rates and worse health outcomes than other areas of New York. Fueled by advances in translational cancer research across The Tisch Cancer Institute, CPC researchers are well positioned to take novel therapeutic strategies directly into the community in partnership with local residents. New approaches to increasing participation in effective cancer prevention and early detection, improving symptom management, and to enhancing treatment and survivorship, can therefore be rapidly accelerated from the trial setting towards public benefit. 

Major Themes 
The CPC Program revolves around four major themes:

  • Theme 1 – Health disparities in cancer screening and receipt of state-of-the-art follow-up care
  • Theme 2 – Cancer decision-making
  • Theme 3 – Cancer-related physical and psychological suffering
  • Theme 4 – Behavioral factors affecting cancer risk 

Program Leaders 
Paolo Boffetta, MD, MPH
William H. Redd, PhD 


Program Meeting Schedule 
The CPC Program regularly holds the following meetings:

  • "Work in Progress" Seminars with faculty and postdoctoral fellows (ongoing)
  • Journal Club (monthly) 

For more information on any of these meetings, please contact the program leader.