In their book Resilience: The Science of Mastering Life's Greatest Challenges, co-authors Dennis S. Charney, MD and Steven M. Southwick, MD identify 10 "resilience factors" that help people cope with the impact of traumatic life-changing events.
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Read The Science of Resilience: Implications for the Prevention and Treatment of Depression by Steven M. Southwick and Denis. S. Charney in the October 5th issue of Science.

Listen to October 5 Science podcast in which Dr. Charney discusses resilience training.

PBS's Next Avenue shares "6 Steps to Help You Cope With Any Setback."

Neuroplasticity and Your Resilient Brain

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"It is my goal to have Mount Sinai graduates remake the image of the American physician — one who is committed, selfless, and ethical, and at the same time, translational and transformative."

Dean's Statement

Icahn School of Medicine at Mount Sinai is proud to stand among the top medical schools in the United States. Our position as a national and international leader in biomedicine is a testament to the expertise and commitment of the entire Mount Sinai community, from our world-class faculty to our outstanding students and trainees to our dedicated staff. During our first fifty years, Icahn School of Medicine has risen to the challenges of our visionary founders with enthusiasm and determination. Our success is driven by a culture of innovation and a thirst for pushing the boundaries of knowledge. We embrace our mission on a daily basis by providing the very best education and clinical care and conducting breakthrough research in an environment of social concern and scholarly inquiry into the causes of and therapies for human disease.

A $2.25 billion strategic plan, with an emphasis on translational medicine, is positioning Icahn School of Medicine for ongoing success. The School has created 14 multidisciplinary research institutes to foster intensive collaboration along a continuum that runs from the laboratory through to patient care. As a result, recent recruits working side-by-side with established faculty are securing unprecedented levels of extramural funding for research and are expanding the volume and scope of our clinical practices. Completion this year of the magnificent 550,000-square-foot Leon and Norma Hess Center for Science and Medicine will enable Mount Sinai scientists and physicians to work in close proximity in order to stimulate collaboration and progress.

It is our expectation that Icahn School of Medicine will be in the vanguard of medical schools whose faculty and students make scientific discoveries that fundamentally enhance our ability to predict, diagnose, treat and prevent human disease. We are making major investments in high performance computing, computational biology, genomics, molecular pathology and imaging, along with the infrastructure to facilitate therapeutic discovery. Most importantly, Mount Sinai has created an environment of innovation and entrepreneurship to encourage our students and faculty to partner in challenging existing limitations of science and medicine in order to create and discover what was previously thought to be impossible.

Icahn School of Medicine is hailed in New York City, the nation and the world as a provider of outstanding patient care. We enjoy a close relationship with The Mount Sinai Hospital, currently ranked among the nation's best hospitals, and the Mount Sinai Health System. Basic research and translational medicine discoveries on the Mount Sinai campus enable our physicians to take cutting edge approaches to the prevention and treatment of a wide variety of conditions. Using a patient-centered model of clinical care, our multidisciplinary Doctors of Mount Sinai Faculty Practice is growing at a robust rate, with patient visits up 14% since 2011. Patient satisfaction scores have never been higher.

Exciting clinical program developments at Mount Sinai in 2012 include designation as an Accountable Care Organization and creation of Manhattan's first Department of Family Medicine and Community Health. These initiatives dovetail with our efforts to expand primary care services by adding physicians to the faculty practice and establishing off-campus physician offices. Emphasizing primary care as a complement to our renowned tertiary and quaternary services creates a continuum of care that ensures excellent treatment for all of our patients.

The luminary research and clinical programs of Icahn School of Medicine converge into a remarkable foundation for education. Faculty across disciplines ensure that our MD, PhD and Masters programs nurture exceptional graduates who will be medical and scientific experts as well as informed advocates and activists, able to advance clinical care and science and serve as catalysts for progress. Mount Sinai's reputation for quality, innovation and social responsibility attracts an outstanding and diverse student body, drawing from the best undergraduate institutions in the country.

Icahn School of Medicine's pioneering curricular approaches have become models for other schools. Our forward-thinking educational philosophy is illustrated in a few examples:

  • The Interclerkship Ambulatory Care Track ("InterACT") goes well beyond traditional core clerkships by providing a year-long clinical experience focused on ambulatory medicine and chronic illness. This unique longitudinal clerkship creates strong student-patient bonds, nurtures an interest in chronic illness, and exposes students to socioeconomic and cultural influences on urban health care.

  • The new Science and Medicine (SciMed) program joins our groundbreaking Humanities in Medicine (HuMed) program in offering a non-traditional medical school admissions path to highly motivated college sophomores. Accepted HuMed and SciMed undergraduates retain enormous flexibility to explore their interests in humanities, social sciences and other sciences rather than follow a traditional premed route. Both programs contribute to the diversity of interests, strengths and backgrounds that are hallmarks of our student body.

  • Mount Sinai's Graduate School of Biomedical Sciences has established a Center for Technology Innovation and Entrepreneurship to advance the invention and development of new biomedical technologies. Novel PhD and Masters curricula will use team-based approaches to teach the importance of harnessing a broad array of expertise to address the complex issues that emerge as scientific discovery is translated into marketed products. Courses on market analysis, legal issues and problem-solving will expose students across the science spectrum to entrepreneurial thought leaders.

These and many other programs at Icahn School of Medicine train our students to be experts in their chosen fields and leaders of the next great generation of physicians and scientists.

I welcome you to learn more about Icahn School of Medicine. Explore our website, meet our faculty and talk to our students. The expertise, accomplishments, creativity, enthusiasm and commitment you encounter are certain to persuade you that Icahn School of Medicine at Mount Sinai is the place you want to be.

Dennis S. Charney, MD
Anne and Joel Ehrenkranz Dean,
Icahn School of Medicine at Mount Sinai
President for Academic Affairs
Mount Sinai Health System

2013 Convocation

Mount Sinai leadership shares the institution's strategic vision and the state of the Icahn School of Medicine during the 2013 Convocation.

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