Research Administration

Icahn School of Medicine Research Administration is responsible for providing support to faculty conducting research and ensures that they comply with regulatory requirements. Research Administration also aims to promote its faculty an institutional culture of financial discipline, accountability, and conformity.

Mount Sinai Compliance
Jane Whitney, Chief Compliance Officer
The Mount Sinai Compliance Department is a multi-faceted department responsible for providing Education, Monitoring and Regulatory Oversight services to the areas of Research Compliance, HIPAA Privacy and Security, Network Development, Graduate Medical Education, Billing Compliance, and Environmental Health and Safety. Each division of Compliance is dedicated to upholding the Culture of Compliance and is accessible to members of the institution via dedicated Compliance Hotlines.

  • Compliance - Environmental Health and Safety Offices
    Salvatore Tranchina, Senior Director of Environmental Health & Safety
    Environmental Health and Safety ensures compliance with applicable federal, state, and local environmental statutes, regulations, and permits. It is also responsible for overseeing the use, handling, and disposal of any and all hazardous waste and materials. Environmental Health and Safety Offices is comprised of the following safeties: Occupational Health, Chemical, Biological, and Radiation.

Technology and Business Development
Teri Willey, Vice President, Technology and Business Development

The purpose of the Office of Technology and Business Development is to build, cultivate, and manage relationships with commercial entities to translate Mount Sinai discoveries and technologies into marketed products.

Center for Comparative Medicine and Surgery
Reginald Miller, Director of the Center for Comparative Medicine and Surgery
This centralized shared resource supports animal research via veterinary, husbandry care, and research collaboration with the faculty at Icahn School of Medicine.

Grants and Contracts Office
Jessica Moise, Associate Dean for Sponsored Programs
The Grants and Contracts Office oversees the sponsored programs application and award process and provides support to faculty regarding research activities and performance.

Institutional Animal Care & Use Committee
Giorgio Martinelli, Chair of Institutional Animal Care & Use Committee
The Institutional Animal Care and Use Committee ensures that all vertebrate animal studies are conducted in accordance with Animal Welfare Act regulations and Public Health Service policies.

Office of Clinical Research
Mary Sano, Associate Dean of Clinical Research
This office provides investigators and their research staff with resources, information, and expertise in clinical research.

Program for Protection of Human Subjects
Jeff Silverstein, Associate Dean for Research
The Program for Protection of Human Rights' purpose is to protect the rights and welfare of human subjects enrolled in research protocols.

Research Integrity Office
Reginald Miller, Associate Dean for Research Resources
This office provides oversight, education, and monitoring of the research activities occurring within the institution.

Sponsored Projects Accounting
Raj Appavu, Director of Sponsored Projects Accounting
This division of Finance oversees and provides support to school personnel and related fund, grant, and contract accounting.

Conflicts of Interest in Research
Rhoda Sperling, MD., Chair of Financial Conflicts of Interest in Research Committee

This committee reviews disclosure statements to identify possible conflicts of interest and to create and implement management plans as necessary.