Cardiology Electives for Medical Students

Thank you for your interest in the Cardiology Elective for fourth-year medical students. This elective is open to students from Mount Sinai, United States medical schools, and international medical schools.

The Elective in Cardiology consists of:

  • Small-group (three or four students) teaching sessions for learning EKG-reading.

  • Small-group teaching sessions for learning physical diagnosis and case-presentation.

  • Small-group teaching sessions for a curriculum of topics in clinical cardiology.

  • Being a part of the Cardiac Intensive Care Unit (CCU) team, with proctored clinical responsibilities and participation in didactic sessions with the CCU fellow and housestaff.

  • Rotations in the non-invasive cardiac laboratories (echocardiography and nuclear imaging) and a day in the Cardiac Catheterization Laboratory.

  • Rotations with the Consult Service and with the “Associates” Service, the latter of which gives an always appreciated opportunity to round with Dr. Valentin Fuster and to spend time with him in his outpatient clinical office.

  • A wide array of Cardiology Section teaching conferences, including: CCU conference, cath conference, EP conference, Morbidity and Mortality conference, cardiac grand rounds and visiting professors’ rounds, EKG conference, clinical conferences, cath hemodynamics conference, and journal club.

  • A rotation in Cardiac Surgery, with opportunities to participate in pre- and post-surgical care of patients, intra-operative observation of cardiac surgical procedures, and Cardiac Surgical Departmental didactic conferences.

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