Research Training

A central objective of the fellowship program is the successful design, implementation, and completion of a research project suitable for publication in peer-reviewed journals as well as presentation of research findings at regional and national meetings, such as those of the Society of General Internal Medicine, Academy Health, and the American Geriatrics Society. In addition to the didactic training described, fellows’ research skills are nurtured through a variety of mechanisms. Based on their research interests, fellows establish close working relationships with mentors in the Division of General Internal Medicine and/or mentors in other departments and divisions at Mount Sinai. Weekly research seminars provide trainees with a supportive, informal environment for discussing research from the early stages of project development to the last stages of data analysis. The experience helps sharpen research ideas, broaden knowledge of research methods, develop public speaking and data presentation skills, and enjoy the collegiality of the clinical research community. Faculty leaders of the fellowship program meet regularly with fellows to provide general support and career mentorship.