Program Overview

The Multiple Sclerosis Fellowship at The Corinne Goldsmith Dickinson Center for Multiple Sclerosis in the Department of Neurology at The Icahn School of Medicine at Mount Sinai and The Mount Sinai Health System is a two- or three-year training opportunity open to neurologists interested in a career in MS. The goal of the fellowship is to produce a clinician with expertise in the diagnosis and management of patients with demyelinating disease with core competencies in clinical trial design, analysis, and implementation.

The fellow will have exposure to a large number of patients with multiple sclerosis of varying age, disease course, and severity. Most patients will be receiving one of the disease-modifying therapies. The fellow will have the opportunity to follow the patients over the course of their illness, monitoring their response to treatments for acute exacerbations and to disease-modifying therapies. Currently, the CGD Center sees approximately 3,000 follow-up patients per year and 1,050 new patients per year.

Fellows will have the opportunity to work-up and follow patients in their own clinic within the Center. Although he/she will be the principal physician for these patients, all care will be overseen by attending faculty with graded increases in independence as appropriate. As part of their clinical activities, fellows are responsible for educating other house staff, including Neurology residents, interns, and medical students.

The fellow will have access to state-of-the-art MRI facilities (including a 3T research MRI) and access to an outstanding group of neuroradiologists. Additional members of the Center’s care team include two advance practice MS nurse practitioners, two Social Workers, a senior MS fellow, a psychiatrist with fellowship training in MS, as well as affiliations with members of the Neuroradiology, Rehabilitation, Urology, Psychiatry, Oncology, Neurophysiology, and Neuro-ophthalmology Departments.

At the conclusion of the fellowship, there are many employment opportunities available to our Fellows, including academic positions at dedicated MS Centers across the country, private practice opportunities (recently, many private practice groups have been recruiting MS specialists for their practices), and additional research opportunities.

Research Opportunities

The CGD Center is participating in many clinical trials of new agents or of new approaches to multiple sclerosis, including trials of disease-modifying agents for various forms of MS and clinically isolated syndrome. The fellow also will participate in trials of symptomatic therapies and treatment of acute exacerbations. The purpose of the clinical trial component is to educate the fellow in all aspects of clinical trial design, implementation, and analysis. The CGD Center is distinctively qualified to accomplish this as we are not only participating in multi-centered clinical trials, but also have designed and are implementing several major studies where we are the coordinating center.

This will afford the candidate a hands-on experience in the intricacies of clinical trial design as well as providing an understanding of the regulatory requirements of clinical trials (e.g., interactions with the IRB, obtaining an FDA IND). In addition, he/she will have the opportunity to have direct experience utilizing the Kurtzke EDSS scale, the Multiple Sclerosis Functional Composite, as well as other scales, as required by the various protocols. The fellow will work with the four clinical trial coordinators and three clinical trial monitors that are part of the CGD Center clinical research team.

Mount Sinai now has a program leading to a Master’s degree in Clinical Research that is available to MS Fellows as part of the Clinical Curriculum Research Training Grant awarded Mount Sinai.

Although this is a clinical Fellowship, the fellow will have access to neuroimmunology and glial cell basic science laboratories at Mount Sinai, including those of Drs. Gareth John and Patrizia Casaccia, both of whom have appointments within the CGD Center. This component of the fellowship will provide an excellent grounding in the basic neuroscience of demyelinating disease and provide a framework for translating basic science insights into clinical paradigms.


Dr. Fred Lublin, Professor of Neurology and Director of the CGD Center
Dr. Aaron Miller, Professor of Neurology and Medical Director of the CGD Center
Dr. Stephen Krieger, Assistant Professor of Neurology
Dr. Michelle Fabian, Assistant Professor of Neurology
Dr. Ilana Katz Sand, Assistant Professor of Neurology
Dr. Matilde Inglese, Associate Professor of Neurology and Radiology
Dr. Nesanet Mitiku, Assistant Professor of Neurology and Rehabilitation Medicine
Dr. Aliza Ben-Zacharia, Nurse Practitioner
Gretchen Mathewson, Nurse Practitioner

Application Information

  • Duration: Two- or three-year fellowship
  • Start Date: July 1st
  • Training Prerequisites:
    -Completion of an approved neurology residency or the equivalent.
    -Individuals should be eligible for licensure in the State of New York
  • Application Requirements:
    -Please submit a copy of your CV
    -Three letters of recommendation, and a personal statement
  • Application Deadline: It is recommended that applications be submitted before April 1st of the year prior to starting; interviews take place during the spring for applications for the following academic year.

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