The Mount Sinai Department of Neuroscience

The Mount Sinai Department of Neuroscience comprises the Fishberg Department of Neuroscience and the Kastor Neurobiology of Aging Laboratories. The department is dedicated to performing groundbreaking research, mentoring tomorrow’s investigators, and providing a critical basic science component of neuroscience education at Icahn School of Medicine.

The Department of Neuroscience conducts collaborative research in several nationally and internationally recognized laboratories. Our department ranks fourth in the United States in National Institutes of Health funding.

The Department of Neuroscience investigates the nervous system at the molecular, cellular, systems, and behavioral levels. We are engaged in several translational research projects directed at the pathology of the nervous system as well as the molecular and cellular mechanisms of neuronal dysfunction.

Our multidisciplinary collaborations with the Departments of Geriatrics and Adult Development, Psychiatry, and Neurology focus on the mechanisms of aging and on psychiatric and neurologic diseases, respectively.

Our Faculty

Department faculty conduct a major portion of the multidisciplinary training in neurosciences for the Graduate School of Biological Sciences. This program represents one of eight training areas that make up the PhD program and the PhD component of the MD/PhD program.

Our faculty serve as educators for a variety of research projects in neuroscience. We collaborate with other academic departments to deliver comprehensive medical education through such initiatives as joint seminars, instruction at the residency level, and postdoctoral fellowships.

Contact Us

Administrative Office
Tel: 212-659-5993
Fax: 212-849-2611

Department Administrator
Jenny Rivera

One Gustave L. Levy Place
Box 1065
New York, NY 10029


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