2015 Robin Chemers Neustein Postdoctoral Fellowship Award

Elizabeth Heller, PhD was chosen as one of the recipients of the 2015 Robin Chemers Neustein Postdoctoral Fellowship Award. Dr. Heller's research focuses on epigenetic remodeling - the molecular changes that occur at specific genes – in the context of drugs of abuse and stress. Read More

Escaping Capture: What Science Tells Us about Beating Addiction

Addiction has been scientifically established as a disease, not an absence of willpower. Where is the latest science taking us, and what does it mean for treatment? How do we measure success?
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The Friedman Brain Institute: Game-Changers in the Field of Addiction

Addiction is a disorder of the brain, not one of morality. The Friedman Brain Institute actively seeks to discover what unique characteristics make certain individuals more vulnerable to addictive disorders and which treatments may be best suited to help that individual to overcome the disease. Watch the video clip