On-Call Schedule

The call schedule for the pediatric cardiology fellows is nominally from home. A different trainee is on call each of the weekday nights (Monday-Thursday), and a single trainee is on call for the entire weekend. The responsibilities of the fellows are to supervise the care of infants and children with congenital or acquired heart problems who are in the hospital and to evaluate any pediatric patients for whom the Pediatric Cardiology Service is consulted. Since there are currently five fellows in the program, their call averages six nights per month and 10.4 weekends per year. The fellows have at least two, and usually three, weekends off per month (assuming four weekends per month). Therefore, they are provided with an average of more than one day out of seven without assigned duties in the program.

The pediatric cardiology fellow oversees the physician assistants who care for the post-operative patients in the PCICU and the pediatric housestaff who care for all other pediatric cardiology inpatients. Fellows remain in the hospital until all patients are stabilized adequately and are expected to return for significant changes in clinical status of any patient, as well as for new consultations.

Pediatric cardiology faculty oversight is provided for the pediatric cardiology fellow on call. For weekday call, two faculty members are on call — one for the PCICU and another for the remainder of the hospital. During weekends, a single faculty member is on call with the fellow. The faculty covering the PCICU during the weekdays remain in the hospital until approximately 8:00pm, occasionally remaining in the hospital for the entire night or returning if a patient becomes unstable. The faculty covering the remainder of the hospital return to the hospital for emergency consultations, particularly for newborns suspected of having congenital heart disease. In addition, faculty from the echocardiography, interventional, electrophysiologic, and heart transplant services are available as needed for consultations and/or care of patients.

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