Outpatient Service

The pediatric cardiology fellows attend one of two ambulatory pediatric cardiology clinics held weekly at Mount Sinai. These clinics include referral and follow-up service for all types of heart problems, including congenital and acquired heart disease. Each clinic is supervised by a pediatric cardiology faculty member who reviews the history, physical examination, and ECG findings with the fellow. Emphasis is placed on developing detailed history-taking for outpatient cardiac problems, such as chest pain and syncope, as well as skills for performing physical examination on patients from infancy through adolescence.

The pediatric cardiology fellows are encouraged to become the primary pediatric cardiologists for new patients with congenital heart disease who present during their inpatient service months. If agreeable to the parent(s), the fellow subsequently follows the patient in the Pediatric Cardiology office under the supervision of a pediatric cardiology faculty member with whom s/he first encountered the patient. In managing these patients, the fellows gain additional insights into appropriate timing of diagnostic evaluations and therapeutic interventions in patients with congenital heart disease. The fellows also learn about problems related to congenital heart disease such as school disability and health insurance as well as about interacting with pediatricians around such children.

Senior fellows have an option to participate in the weekly Pediatric Heart Transplantation Clinic held in the Pediatric Cardiology Office Practice. The fellows obtain the interval history, perform directed physical examination, and direct appropriate laboratory studies. Cases are reviewed with transplant physicians, Dr. Joashi is the Medical Director of the Pediatric Heart Transplantation Program, who attends each clinic. This experience provides the fellow with exposure to management of pediatric cardiac transplant patients.

Senior fellows participate in outpatient pediatric cardiology clinic at Mount Sinai Faculty practice. These outpatient clinics serve a mix of patients with congenital and acquired heart problems, including those typically encountered in the office setting (evaluation of murmurs, chest pain, or syncope). For patients with known congenital disease and selected new referrals, the fellow has the opportunity to perform or supervise an echocardiogram, obtaining immediate feedback on diagnoses made by physical examination. This clinic broadens the experience of the fellows in outpatient pediatric cardiology in a setting with increased autonomy.

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