Fellowship Training Program in Pediatric Gastroenterology


Although many faculty participate in different capacities, the program is generally structured in three divisions or sections:

Division of Pediatric Gastroenterology

Dr. Keith J. Benkov
Dr. Keith Breglio
Dr. Jamie Chu
Dr. David Dunkin
Dr. Nanci Pitman

The practice follows a wide range of ambulatory pediatric GI patients and sees more than 2,000 new patients annually. Included is one of the largest populations of children with inflammatory bowel disease, with nearly 800 children seen in the last six years. Responsibilities also include an active inpatient service.

Division of Pediatric Hepatology

Dr. Frederick Suchy
Dr. Ronen Arnon
Dr. Nanda Kerkar
Dr. Tamir Miloh

The Liver section maintains an extremely active service and supports one of the world's largest pediatric liver transplant centers in the country. The inpatient service typically includes 5 to 10 children with liver disease. Approximately 1,500 outpatient visits are conducted in four half-day sessions. Approximately 150 new consultations are conducted each year.

Short Gut Small Bowel Transplant Program

Dr. Stuart Kaufman
Dr. Neal LeLeiko
Dr. Thomas Fishbein

This program is one of just four U.S. Department of Health and Human Services-approved Intestinal Transplant Programs in the United States based on clinical volume and outcome. Approximately 20 –25 intestinal transplants are performed annually including both children and adults. Parenteral nutrition-dependent patients not requiring intestinal transplantation are also routinely evaluated.