Graduate Ethics Education

MS and PhD Programs in Clinical Research

Research Ethics

Course Directors: Karin Meyers, MA and Rosamond Rhodes, PhD
This semester-long seminar addresses the key issues related the use of human subjects in biomedical research. It involves seminar discussion, extensive reading, and a research paper. Topics include: the evolution of clinical trial oversight, informed consent, assent, assessment of risks and benefits, research design, research with minors and other vulnerable subjects, inducements for research subjects, conflict of interest, payments for researchers, confidentiality, privacy, scientific fraud, authorship, attribution, and whistle blowing.

The seminar addresses historical examples as well as contemporary dilemmas such as surgical trials, gene therapy trials, and international research. It also explains the IRB & GCRC review processes. This seminar is required for students in the Masters and PhD Degree programs in Clinical Research. It is an elective for medical and Public Health students.

MS Program in Genetics Counseling

Course Directors: Rosamond Rhodes, PhD and Randi Zinberg, MS
This program includes an extensive curriculum in bioethics education. Students in the program are introduced to the ethical issues that arise in genetics counseling in a seminar series on Ethical Issues in Genetics Counseling. Later they participate in two semester-long seminars, Research Ethics, and either Bioethics, Policies and Cases, or Medical Ethics.

PhD Program in Biomedical Sciences

Course Director: Charles Mobbs, PhD
This program conducts an annual series of seminars for PhD students. Topics include professional norms, codes of conduct, misconduct, working with animal and human subjects.

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