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Annual New York Regional Bioethics Conference

Issues in Medical Ethics 2014
Ethical Issues in Data Science and Digital Medicine
February 21, 2014
Davis Auditorium, Hess Center
1470 Madison Avenue, New York City Space is limited. Registration is required. No registration fee.

Download Conference Brochure and Registration Form [PDF]

Since 1986 Icahn School of Medicine has co-sponsored an annual series of day-long conferences, Issues in Medical Ethics. These conferences attract a broad audience of 150-200 participants including physicians, medical students, nurses and other health care providers, scientists, lawyers, academics, and graduate students. Speakers have come from medicine, philosophy, government, and law.

Each year's conference focuses on a timely issue. Topics have included medical professionalism, organ transplantation, the Americans with Disabilities Act, money and access to health care. The proceedings of many of these conferences have appeared in special issues of The Mount Sinai Journal of Medicine. In October 2010, the conference topic was "Recruitment for Clinical Trials."

If would like to have your name added to our mailing list, contact Karen Smalls at 212-241-6602, fax 212-241-5028, or e-mail:

Center-Wide Ethics Luncheons

At each monthly luncheon, a guest speaker presents a case that poses an ethical dilemma. Faculty, students, and other medical professionals participate in stimulating conversation and debate on issues confronted in clinical practice and research. Recent focuses of discussions have been transplant tourism, end-of-life decision making, and surrogate decision making. If would like to have your name added to our mailing list, contact Karen Smalls at 212-241-6602, fax 212-241-5028, or e-mail:

Faculty Seminar in Philosophy and Medicine

The Faculty Seminars in Philosophy and Medicine convenes for participants to discuss a paper from the recent literature. These journal club seminars meetings take place on Thursday evenings of each month, from 5:15 pm until 7:00 pm in Annenberg Building, 5th floor dining rooms. If would like to receive a schedule for upcoming meeting or to have your name added to the seminar mailing list, contact Karen Smalls at 212-241-6602; fax 212-241-5028, or e-mail:

Working Papers in Ethics and Moral Psychology

Working Papers in Ethics and Moral Psychology is a speaker series conducted under the auspices of the Icahn School of Medicine Bioethics Program. It is conceived as a working group where speakers are invited to present well-developed, as yet unpublished work. The focus of the group is interdisciplinary, with a primary emphasis on topics in ethics, bioethics, neuroethics, and moral psychology. To join the Working Papers mailing list, e-mail:

Annual Richman Lecture on Humanism and Medicine

The Alexander Richman Commemorative Lecture in Humanism and Ethics in Medicine—awarded yearly since the spring of 1984—goes to a Mount Sinai physician who exemplifies commitment to humanism and ethics in medical practice. Speakers in this lecture series have included Willard Gaylin, Tom Beauchamp, Robert Jay Lifton, Joshua Lederberg, Eli Wiesel, Jimmie Holland, Arthur Caplan, Albert Jonsen, and James Childress.

Annual Oxford-Mount Sinai Consortium on Bioethics

The consortium is an interdisciplinary collaboration that emphasizes faculty development and encourages faculty from both medicine and academia to devote some of their research attention to bioethical issues. Participants include Icahn School of Medicine, The Graduate Center, CUNY, Union Graduate School, Oxford University, King’s College London, The Free University of Amsterdam, and Bar Ilan University. The conference venue alternates between Mount Sinai Health System in New York City, Oxford University, and King’s College London.

The 2010 meetings occurred in April at Kings College London. The 2011 meetings will take place in NYC at Icahn School of Medicine. Mount Sinai faculty who are interested in being added to the Consortium mailing list should contact Karen Smalls at 212-241-6602, fax 212-241-5028, or e-mail:

Moral Theory Group

Moral theory group provides an opportunity for interested individuals to read and discuss contemporary philosophical texts. If you would like your name added to the mailing list, contact Nada Gligorov at

Medical Ethics Student Organization (MESO)

Medical Ethics Student Organization (MESO) fosters dynamic conversation concerning ethical issues in medicine. It encourages students to extend their discussion of ethical issues beyond the parameters of the classroom. The group co-sponsors the monthly Center-Wide Ethics Luncheons. MESO also organizes and hosts evening guest speakers and an annual Ethics Night dinner meeting.

Internship Opportunities

College students, medical students, and other graduate students may spend up to two months as an intern at Icahn School of Medicine. These internships offer first- hand experience in bioethics through research and participation in lectures, seminars, and discussions. These opportunities provide interns with exposure to the application of principles to cases that arise in the clinical practice of medicine.

Visiting Scholar Opportunities

Visiting scholars may spend one or two months at Icahn School of Medicine. They may focus their attention on research ethics, clinical ethics, or bioethics education. If you would like to discuss these opportunities, please feel free to contact Rosamond Rhodes, PhD, 212-241-3757, or e-mail


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