McKinsey & Company Academic Partnership

If you are accepted through our innovative Academic Partnership with McKinsey & Company, you will receive a first-class medical education combined with a comprehensive apprenticeship in the business of health care.

Our goal at the Icahn School of Medicine at Mount Sinai (ISMMS) is to create a learning environment that attracts the widest possible diversity of the greatest talent to the field of medicine. We have a proven record of developing novel pathways to medical education. This collaboration with McKinsey & Company allows us to recruit candidates to medical school who will be given the opportunity to acquire, or have already acquired, an impeccable credential in business, finance, leadership, as well as having demonstrated teamwork skills required of health care leaders. There are three distinct pathways by which to access the benefits of this partnership.

Co-Recruitment Pathway

If you are accepted to both ISMMS and McKinsey & Company, you may enter a program in which you will begin medical school and defer your start at McKinsey until after your third year of medical school. At that time you will take a scholarly leave of absence and begin a paid two-year health care consulting fellowship at the firm, after which you will return to ISMMS to complete your final year of medical school. You also have the option of starting with two years as a business analyst at McKinsey and deferring matriculation at ISMMS.

After completing the ISMMS/McKinsey track, if you have performed well, you will have the option of applying to join the firm full-time or continuing on to residency training.

When you apply to this dual training program you will apply concurrently and separately to ISMMS and McKinsey according to each institution's application deadlines. For information on McKinsey's application process, please visit their career site.

Business Analyst Pathway

If you are an undergraduate who has completed two years at McKinsey and you have an outstanding academic record, you will have the opportunity to apply to ISMMS without the traditional science qualifications or sitting for the Medical College Admissions Test (MCAT). The initiative builds on the success of the Donald and Vera Blinken FlexMed Program, which encourages talented undergraduates from any discipline to apply to the early assurance program at ISMMS.

As a business analyst at McKinsey, if you are interested in applying to ISMMS, you will receive specific information from McKinsey on the application process.

MD/Management Consulting Program (Scholarly Year)

About one-third of third-year medical students at ISMMS choose to take a scholarly leave of absence to pursue other academic interests before completing medical studies. Now, as a third-year ISMMS student, you have the opportunity to apply to McKinsey's two-year paid Fellowship in Health Care Consulting before returning for your fourth and final year of medical school. As an MD fellow, you will serve on client project teams alongside traditional consultants, gaining broad exposure to the business challenges and operations of the health care sector. You will have many opportunities to develop and expand your business acumen.

After completing the two years as an analyst and the fourth year of medical school, if you have done well at McKinsey you will have the option of applying to join the firm full-time or continuing on to residency training.

You may pursue this fellowship with the ISMMS Medical Student Research Office.