How to Apply

Program Eligibility

Our Program presumes that students enter with a working knowledge of basic medical terminology and major concepts of health and illness.  People with degrees in medicine, nursing, or the allied health professions, or simultaneously in training, ordinarily meet this requirement. The Admissions Committee will carefully review the applications from those without formal training but with work experience in the health professions and/or suitable undergraduate studies.

Applicants must possess a Bachelor’s Degree from an accredited college or university. While there are no specific prerequisites, an applicant’s transcript will be reviewed for demonstration of satisfactory performance in quantitative and qualitative methods and in social and biological sciences.  Students are selected on the basis of demonstrated past academic achievement.

Application Process for Matriculating Students (Students for Consideration for CRTP, MSCR & PhD in Clinical Research)

Applications and supporting documentation are reviewed throughout the year for admission to the upcoming Fall Term. Matriculation at other times during the Spring I and Spring II term is possible only for the CRTP and MSCR program and only with the permission of the Program Director. PhD applicants who, on the basis of their submitted application materials, are being seriously considered for the Program, may be invited for interviews. The requirement for these interviews may be exchanged for a telephone interview, if geographical considerations are overwhelming. The Admissions Committee of the Graduate School will consider all the data on each applicant before making its decision. Applicants should submit all materials in the checklist below. The Application Process should be completed online Application Form in the Graduate School Online Admissions System website as follows:

  • Completed online Application Form in the Graduate School Online Admissions System
  • Official transcripts from all institutions of higher learning attended.  These documents must be sent directly to the Icahn School of Medicine at Mount Sinai Admissions Office.
  • Two signed original letters of recommendation.  The authors of your recommendation letters must send their letters directly to the Admissions Office or upload the letters directly on Online Admissions System. (Copies of letters or letters delivered or uploaded by the applicant will not be accepted.) If you are currently a Mount Sinai employee or have worked at Mount Sinai in the past a letter from your supervisor is required as one letter of recommendation.
  • GRE, MCAT, OR USMLE scores should be sent to Icahn School of Medicine. (For the GRE, the code for Icahn School of Medicine is 2464.)
  • Applicants for whom English is a second language are required to submit scores from the TOEFL exam
  • A non-refundable application fee of $80 payable by check to the Icahn School of Medicine at Mount Sinai or directly on our Online Admissions System by credit card

All applicants must have a Bachelor's Degree from a recognized university or college, show evidence of satisfactory preparation in quantitative subject areas, and have an acceptable academic record.

Deadline for Submission (Degree and Non-Degree)

Applications are considered on a rolling basis.  

Fall           August 1 for all Domestic Students
                 July 1 for all Foreign Nationals    
Spring I    December 1 (only with permission of program director)  
Spring II    March 1 (only with permission of program director)

Application Process for Portal

Applications to PORTAL will be sent to students who have applied to the MD program and been invited for an interview.  For further information, please contact