The curriculum for the new full time PhD degree will include an intensive full time, full calendar year of didactic study followed by a mentored research experience and additional didactic study throughout the entire period of the program. Students will be required to complete 66 credits of graduate study.

The Clinical Research Training Program (CRTP) is the more modest, 1 year, part-time certificate version of the MSCR program which includes the courses but without the Masters thesis requirement and 2nd year research seminars.

The CRTP may be the most appropriate program for: 1) clinical fellows who only have 1 year remaining at Mount Sinai; and 2) MD/PhD or PhD students or postdoctoral fellows already engaged in basic science research whose goal is to pursue more translational research training. For all others, the MSCR option is strongly recommended provided that you are committed to spending 2 years at Mount Sinai.

The Masters of Science in Clinical Research and Clinical Research Training Program are based on a core of 10 required graduate courses. Students usually take 3 courses per term (12 weeks per term), and finish the required courses during the 1st year of the program.

The PORTAL program is a 5 year dual degree program leading to the MD/MSCR degrees. The program is open to students applying for admission to the MD program.

In the 2nd year, MSCR students participate in a year long Clinical Research Seminar which will cover a broad variety of practical topics critical to clinical and translational researchers, as well as episodic Works-In-Progress presentations. Depending on the individual needs and career trajectory, the Grant Writing course can be taken in the 1st or 2nd year depending on how close (or far) a student is in being ready to write a federal K-award (or equivalent career development award). CRTP students, who only have 1 year to take all of the courses, will need to take the Grant Writing course in Year 1.