About Us

The Mount Sinai Post-Baccalaureate Research Education Program (Mount Sinai PREP) is a dynamic program that provides individualized mentoring, coursework, the development of strong laboratory research skills, and a supportive learning environment for post-baccalaureate students interested in pursuing PhD or MD/PhD training and research careers in biomedicine.

PREP builds upon a scholar's skills and research interests in an individualized program of research, coursework, special seminars and works-in-progress sessions. A PREP scholar spends one or two years in PREP, of which about 75 percent is dedicated to laboratory time.

Each scholar selects a research mentor from the large and diverse group of participating faculty. The PREP director, the PREP scholar's individual PREP advisor, and other PREP faculty leadership provide guidance during the mentor selection process.

Scholars receive an annual stipend of $27,200 during a 12-month period and are provided with health insurance. Travel awards are available for national meetings. Many of our PREP scholars present their work at local and/or national meetings, and many of them have co-authored publications resulting from their PREP research projects.

We encourage scholars to enlarge their vision of how future doctoral work can lead them to a rewarding career path involving cutting-edge biomedical research. We will guide you through the development of your application portfolios and your selection of programs to which you will apply for PhD, MD/PhD or other degrees, such as MS or MPH studies.

Our goals

The PREP program is designed to:

  • Increase the enrollment of underrepresented minority PhD and MD/PhD students in graduate programs
  • Enhance the quality of the experience that PREP scholars will have when they enter a pre-doctoral program
  • Provide an opportunity for the scholar to participate in an intensive research experience in an area of particular interest and in a cutting-edge laboratory
  • Provide the opportunity for the scholar to discover careers in diverse aspects of biomedical research and education
  • Provide an interim period during which the scholar is part of a graduate school community
  • Provide an individualized program for those scholars who will benefit from skills development and a gradual initiation to graduate coursework
  • Provide opportunities for participation in community outreach projects and attendance at Center for Multi-Cultural and Community Affairs Grand Rounds on health and health care disparities
  • Contribute in the longer-term to the number of highly qualified biomedical researchers from underrepresented minority groups who enter independent research careers and contribute their problem-solving skills to biomedicine

We encourage you to apply to Mount Sinai PREP and look forward to meeting you.