The Mount Sinai PREP community of current scholars and alumni stay in close contact with the program and each other as they progress through their academic and career paths. Let us know what you are currently doing and update your contact information by emailing Terry Krulwich at We encourage you to join the Mount Sinai Alumni Association.

PREP Photo Album

Ten year Reunion‐Retreat of Mount Sinai PREP, March13, 2011

PREP alumni and some guests and faculty

Barbara Juarez and Jackie Hairston, 2012 alumni (respectively entering PhD and MD programs at Mount Sinai)

Jessica Taaffe (PhD, U Penn, now a postdoc at NIAID) and Akil Puckerin (now a PhD student at Columbia P&S)

Dailia Francis (MD/PhD student, Mount Sinai and member of PREP Steering Committee)

Kester Haye (MD/PhD student, PhD awarded, Mount Sinai)

Cesar Moreno (now PhD student Mount Sinai)

Kareen Riviere (PhD, UCSF, postdoc at FDA, now staff member FDA)

Pedro Pena (PhD, U Colorado Health Science Center, now postdoc U. Minn)

Sarah Ann Anderson (MD/PhD student, Mount Sinai) and Maria Lopez (PhD student, SUNY Downstate)

Jennifer Rivera Rodriguez (PhD, U. Texas Medical Center, Galveston) and Maria Gonzalez-Pons (PhD, U. Puerto Rico)


Annual PREP Celebratory Dinner, May 2008


Program Director Terry Krulwich with former PREP scholars Agnes Nambiro , Chinyere MbaJones, and Onika Noel at the Annual PREP Celebratory Dinner, May 2008


Former PREP scholars Aashish Jethra and Maudry Laurent-Rolle at the Annual PREP Celebratory Dinner, May 2008


Program Director Terry Krulwich and Associate Dean Lisa Satlin with former PREP scholars Chinyere MbaJones, Jalal Ahmed, Monique Delisser, Ernest Barthelemy, Gina Presley, Onika Noel, Agnes Nambiro, and Dailia Francis at the Teaching Award Presentation to Dr. Krulwich, May 2008


PREP Steering Committee and Faculty Member Edward Ronan with former PREP Scholars Arielle Klepper and Jalal Ahmed at PREP Luncheon, August 2008


Former PREP scholar and guest speaker Kester Haye and Program Director Terry Krulwich at PREP luncheon, August 2008