The New Yorker - Every Disease on Earth; Elmhurst Hospital’s Medical Melting Pot

Elmhurst Hospital Center, in Elmhurst, the most diverse neighborhood in New York City and maybe in the world, serves 1.7 million patients a year, and offers translation services in a hundred and fifty-three languages.

 – May 13, 2013  –– 

In the early nineteen-sixties, when the city could no longer afford to staff its public hospitals (of which Elmhurst is the second largest, after Bellevue), Elmhurst entered into an arrangement with Mount Sinai Hospital and School of Medicine. Today, most physicians practicing at Elmhurst are interns, residents, and faculty professors at Mount Sinai. Elmhurst gets inexpensive staff; Sinai gets a unique training center. “It is pretty much universally residents’ favorite place to rotate,” Dr. David Muller, the dean for medical education at Mount Sinai. Learn more