Becker’s Hospital Review: Why is This Medical School Trying to Lure English Majors?

Icahn School of Medicine at Mount Sinai expands its program granting early admissions to medical school to students studying liberal arts.

 – May 28, 2015  –– 

Half of each incoming class at New York City-based Icahn School of Medicine at Mount Sinai will soon be nontraditional medical students — students who didn't take the MCAT and who studied humanities in college. Mount Sinai's medical school is expanding and revamping its HuMed program, a program that guarantees humanities students from select liberal arts schools admission to the school after their sophomore year, according to NPR. HuMed students study science over the summer at Mount Sinai, freeing them up to study what they want during the school year. "People who look at the same problems through different lenses will make us better in the long run," Mount Sinai's current dean of medical education, David Muller, MD, told NPR. "Now, can I prove that's going to be the case? No. But I'd like to believe that it is." Read more