PORTAL Faculty and Staff

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Karen Zier, PhD
Director, PORTAL Program (MD/MSCR)
Associate Dean for Medical Student Research
Professor of Medicine and Immunology
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Dr. Zier, PhD, is Professor of Medicine, Medical Education, and Immunology and the Associate Dean for Medical Student Research. She serves as course director for the Basic and Clinical Immunology course for first-year medical students. Dr. Zier is the author of over 70 publications in immunology and medical education. She has served on numerous NIH study sections and received a gubernatorial appointment to the New York State Health Research Science Board. As a member of the AAMC Scholarly Concentrations Program Collaborative and the CTSA TL1 Program, Dr. Zier is committed to developing scholarly programs and integrating them into the medical education curriculum in order to encourage critical thinking, creativity, and lifelong learning by students. She directs or co-directs numerous scholarly programs for medical students including PORTAL; the Summer Research Scholars Program; the Distinction in Research Track; and the Scholarly Year Program.

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Christina Wyatt, MD, MS
Associate Director, PORTAL Program (MD/MSCR)
Associate Director, MSRO
Associate Professor of Medicine (Nephrology)
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Dr. Wyatt is an Associate Professor of Medicine in the Division of Nephrology and the Associate Director of the Medical Student Research Office. Dr. Wyatt is an NIH-funded clinical investigator and a clinical expert in the field of HIV-related kidney disease. She has been involved in clinical research since medical school, when she became one of the first students at her school to complete a scholarly year in patient-oriented research rather than in a laboratory. She has a Masters of Science in Biostatistics from the Columbia University Mailman School of Public Health, and she has used that background to help integrate basic clinical research skills into the medical school curriculum. She has served as a standing member of the American Society of Nephrology study section and as an ad hoc reviewer for NIH study sections and for high impact journals in nephrology and infectious disease. Dr. Wyatt co-directs scholarly programs for medical students along with Dr. Zier.

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Janice Gabrilove, MD
Director, MSCR Program
Co-Program Director, PORTAL
Professor of Medicine
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Dr. Gabrilove is an internationally recognized expert on leukemia and ameliorating the destructive side effects of chemotherapy on blood cell production. She joined Mount Sinai as Professor and Chief of the Division of Medical Oncology in the Department of Medicine in 1998. She presently serves as Director of the Clinical Research Training Program (CRTP), Master of Science in Clinical Research (MSCR), and PhD in Clinical Research in the Graduate School of Biological Sciences. Dr. Gabrilove is the James F. Holland, MD, Professor of Medicine and Oncological Sciences.

A pioneer in the development of the understanding of hematopoietic cytokines, Dr. Gabrilove and her colleagues were the first to purify and characterize granulocyte colony stimulating factor (G-CSF), and to demonstrate that it could alleviate certain harmful effects of chemotherapy on blood cell production. G-CSF, under the trade names of Neupogen and Neulasta, is now used worldwide as a supplement to chemotherapy. Her recent studies have focused on the role of basic fibroblast (connective tissue) growth factor in hematologic malignancy and cell differentiation. Dr. Gabrilove has been a member of the Food and Drug Administration's Advisory Committee for the Approval of Biologics and the NIH/NIDDK Hematology-2 Study Section. She has served on the editorial board of a number of prestigious journals including Blood, and on the Executive Committee of the American Society of Hematology.

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Alan Moskowitz, MD
Professor and Vice Chair, Population Health Science and Policy
Co-Director, MSCR Program
Co-Director, PORTAL Program
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Dr. Moskowitz is Professor of Population Health Science and Policy and Medicine and Vice-Chair of the Department of Population Health Science and Policy at the Icahn School of Medicine. In addition to serving as Co-Director for the Clinical Research Education Programs, including the MSCR, PhD in Clinical Research, and PORTAL, he is the Co-Director of the International Center for Health Outcomes and Innovation Research (InCHOIR), a clinical and data coordinating center for clinical trials and comparative effectiveness studies. He is also a practicing internist. He has published extensively in the areas of cardiovascular and cerebrovascular disease. He is a principal investigator in the NINDS supported ARUBA trial, investigating the treatment of unruptured brain arteriovenous malformations. He is also the co-principal investigator on the NHLBI sponsored cardio-thoracic surgery network, studying treatments for atrial fibrillation, ischemic mitral regurgitation, as well as stem cell therapy for advanced heart failure. A member of the scientific board of the Sarnoff foundation, he is also on the quality of life and cost effectiveness steering committee for the NIH supported INTERMACS registry of cardiac assist devices. Dr. Moskowitz is committed to preparing the next generation of clinical researchers and is active in the research training of medical students, house officers, and faculty.

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