Student Projects

In addition to the research projects that you will engage in throughout the summer, you may work on other projects during your time with the Summer Undergraduate Research Program – including a culminating session of poster presentations, in which all fellows take part.

2014 Student Poster Presentations

Presentation Topic



Molecular genetic approach to link LRP receptor ubiquitination with LRP6 internalization and Wnt signaling activation

Abu, Yaa

Sapna Vijayakumar, PhD, and Stuart Aaronson, MD

Investigating the functional consequences of post translational modifications of the mitochondrial fission protein DRP1

Amin, Salma

Jerry Chipuk, PhD

Acetylation Mediates Foxo3 Activity in Hematopoietic Stem and Progenitor Cells

Arvind, Varun

Carolina L. Bigarella, PhD, and Saghi Ghaffari, PhD

Predictive accuracy in microbiome studies is biased by sequence clustering approach

Berrios, Max


Jose C. Clemente, PhD

A Comparison of Skin Immunologic Characteristics Between Asian and Caucasian Atopic Dermatitis Patients

Chan, Edwin

Emma Guttman, MD, PhD, and Shinji Noda

Ret Fusion Dependent Papillary Thyroid Carcinoma in Drosophila melanogaster

Chang, Sarah


Ross Cagan, PhD

Determination of the Effect of Methylation on Myelination through Oligodendrocyte-Specific G9a Knockout Mice

Ciraula, Stephanie


Jia Liu, PhD, and Patrizia Cassacia, MD, PhD

Characterizing the Role of SETX as a Regulator of Antiviral Response

Heller, Frederick


Zuleyma Peralta and Harm van Bakel, PhD

Prediction of Susceptibility and Resilience to Acute Social Defeat Using Classification Algorithms

Hoppe, Emma


Gaurav Pandey, PhD

Investigation of Paracrine Signaling Mechanisms Underlying Mesenchymal Stem Cell-mediated Enhancement of Cardiomyocyte Contractile Function in Human Engineered Cardiac Tissues

Jawed, Mohsin


Kevin D Costa, PhD