Research Overview

The Clinical Neuroscience Center (CNC) at Pilgrim Psychiatric Center was opened in 1988 by the Department of Psychiatry at Mount Sinai Hospital. Under the direction of Dr. Joseph Friedman the CNC has grown into a very active research program concurrently conducting psychopharmacological, neuropsychological, neuroimaging and genetics investigations in schizophrenia.

History of Pilgrim

Pilgrim State Hospital officially opened on 825 acres in Suffolk County, Long Island with 100 patients on October 1, 1931. Nine months later, 2,018 patients were hospitalized at Pilgrim. The census rose to its peak in 1954, with 13,875 patients. Pilgrim was the largest facility of its kind in the world when it was built. The hospital had its own water works, electric and heating plant, sewage system, fire department, police department, courts, church, post office, cemetery, greenhouses, and farm.

Over time the census has shrunk as increasing numbers of patients have been discharged. Subsequently, Kings Park Psychiatric Center and Central Islip Psychiatric Center were consolidated and relocated to the Pilgrim campus in the Fall of 1996.

Today, Pilgrim Psychiatric Center provides a continuum of inpatient and outpatient psychiatric, residential, and related services with approximately 600 inpatient beds and six outpatient centers throughout Nassau and Suffolk County. In addition, Pilgrim Psychiatric Center sponsors numerous residential programs ranging from the semi-independent living of the State Operated Community Residence, to the shorter stay Crisis Residence Units, to the home care of the Family Care program.

In this environment the research partnership between Mount Sinai and Pilgrim has provided access to unprecedented numbers of patients eligible for participation in the numerous research studies being conducted by the CNC at Pilgrim Psychiatric Center.


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