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Emily R. Stern, PhD
Principal Investigator





Kamila E. Sip, PhD
Post-doctoral Fellow
My curiosity in studying how the human brain processes decision-making in social interactions began at the University of Aarhus, Denmark, during my doctoral training. While I worked on developing a neurocognitive framework for investigating deception experimentally, I became fascinated with psychophysiology and the neural processes of decision-making, risk-taking and reward.

After obtaining my degree, I moved to Rutgers University for a postdoctoral fellowship under the supervision of Dr. Mauricio Delgado where I extended my dissertation research by examining the role of social feedback on decision-making under risk.

My research focuses on investigating neural and behavioral markers of decision-making in healthy and clinical populations. I centre my work on what occurs to behaviour and choice evaluation when one’s expectations are modulated by external factors, e.g. social feedback and interaction. Currently, I test different manifestations of dysfunctional decision making in patients with obsessive-compulsive disorder (OCD) and substance abuse population in relation to risk-aversion and intolerance of uncertainty. See list of publications

Benjamin Ely
Graduate Student
I’m a PhD student interested in studying human cognitive abilities, such as emotion processing, using fMRI and other imaging approaches. I completed my undergrad studies at Carnegie Mellon University in 2010 and subsequently worked as a neuroimaging Research Assistant at New York University until 2012, when I enrolled at Mt. Sinai. I am currently running the real-time fMRI study at the PNC lab with Alexandra Muratore. See list of publications

Alexandra Muratore
Lab Manager/Research Coordinator
I graduated from Skidmore College in 2011 with a degree in psychology. Prior to working at Mount Sinai, I worked as a lab manager in the Communicative Sciences and Disorders program at NYU, where I assisted in a study of ‘familiar talker advantage’ in children with typical language development and specific language impairments.


Since beginning work with Dr. Stern in early 2012, I have been involved in a number of projects examining cognitive functioning in healthy individuals and patients with anxiety using both behavioral studies and fMRI techniques. Because of my combined interest in both research and its clinical application, I ultimately plan to return to school to obtain a doctorate in clinical psychology.

Marianna Zhang
Research Volunteer
I am currently a junior at Hunter College High School. After taking a neuroscience course at the Science Honors Program at Columbia University, I joined the team as a volunteer research assistant. At Mount Sinai, I assist with outreach, recruitment, and data input.

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