About Us

The Mount Sinai Comprehensive Gaucher Disease Treatment Center represents the single largest clinic in the world devoted to the diagnosis and treatment of Gaucher disease. Research includes basic and clinical-related studies, including a variety of molecular techniques to uncover the basis of clinical heterogeneity, and clinical investigations to elucidate the natural history of Gaucher disease and how its course may be modified with treatment using enzyme replacement.

As a program of Mount Sinai's Center for Jewish Genetic Diseases, the largest center of its kind in the world, our comprehensive clinical and research program offers complete evaluation and treatment. An expert team of subspecialists in clinical genetics, genetic counseling, radiology, orthopedics, pain management, hematology, and obstetrics/gynecology is experienced in the latest techniques for evaluation, diagnosis, and individualized treatment of adults and children. For further information, please contact the Comprehensive Gaucher Disease Treatment Center at Icahn School of Medicine.