Niemann Pick Disease - Type B

This page has been created to help patients and parents of people who have been diagnosed as having Niemann Pick Disease - Type B.

Ara Parseghian Medical Research Foundation

For research into NPD Type C, a genetic pediatric neurodegenerative disorder that causes progressive deterioration of the nervous system.

Jacob's Reach

Promoting public awareness of Niemann-Pick Disease. Jacob is a young warrior in the fight against Niemann-Pick Disease Type C, a fatal genetic disorder.

National Niemann-Pick Disease Foundation, Inc

NNPDF is an educational, support, and fund-raising organization.

Niemann Pick Disease Group (UK)

Provides support and services for families and patients with Niemann-Pick, a rare genetic disease leading to neurological impairment.

NINDS Niemann-Pick Disease Information

information from the National Institute of Neurological Disorders and Stroke, National Institutes of Health.

Niemann-Pick Selbsthilfegruppe e.V.

Niemann-Pick Disease Association in Germany.

Aide Aux Familles Niemann-Pick

Niemann-Pick Disease Association in France.

Sección Bioquímica

Lysosomal Storage Disease Center in Spain.