Flow Cytometry Center Of Research Excellence

The ability measure high-order multidimensional data with single cell granularity is the scientific power of flow cytometry. To acquire these measurements at rates of thousands per second and virtually unlimited population size is the statistical glory of flow cytometry. To use this data and return a highly purified subpopulation of live functional cells is the magic of cell sorting.

Given this power, the CORE provides all members of the Mount Sinai community the instrumentation and subject expertise to incorporate flow cytometry and cell sorting into any research project. Please explore these web pages to learn more about our amazing services and brilliant people.

About Policies

The CORE maintains an up to date set of standards and policies (SOP) available within these pages and upon request. These documents are categorized onto the following subpages:

Equipment and Rates: Details for scheduling, use, and costs for CORE equipment. Also information regarding biohazard containment within the CORE.

Staff: Who we are and what we do!

Policies and Procedures: Information about cancellations, data retention, access to facilities, training classes, reporting incidents, and scientific contributions.

Contacts and Locations: Where we are and what you’ll find there!

Forms: Any and all links you will need to use the CORE.

About Acknowledgments

The lifeblood of an academic institution is publication. Likewise the metric of success of a shared resource facility is acknowledgement. Please remember to acknowledge the contribution of the CORE to your publications. Authorship, however, should follow the guidelines set forth in the Faculty Handbook.


Contact Us

Jordi Ochando, PhD
Tel: 212-824-8430 
Email: jordi.ochando@mssm.edu

Christopher Bare
Laboratory Operations Manager
Tel: 646-630-0142
Email: christopher.bare@mssm.edu

Icahn Building IMI 13-05 Analyzers
Tel: 212-659-9440

Icahn Building IMI 13-52a Sorters 
Tel: 212-659-8201

Icahn Building IMI 13-72 Sorters
Tel: 212-659-9439

Hess Building CSM S5-304 Sorter
Tel: 212-824-9596

Hess Building CSM S6-308 Sorter
Tel: 212-824-9595