Mass Cytometer

The CyTOF2 is a state of the art mass cytometer that allows highly multi-parametric single cell analysis. Conceptually similar to conventional flow cytometry, mass cytometry employs heavy metal-conjugated antibodies instead of fluorescent antibodies to label populations of cells. This allows the simultaneous detection of 30-40 antibody tags with minimal signal overlap, minimal background and comparable signal intensity.

Before a CyTOF project can be initiated, all investigators must submit a CyTOF Project Proposal Form and schedule an initial meeting with Adeeb Rahman and Jordi Ochando.

The CORE offers training, consultation and assistance in all aspects of mass cytometry workflow including antibody panel design, antibody conjugation, sample preparation and data analysis. The CORE has compiled standardized panels of metal-labeled antibodies that can be used for in-depth profiling of major cell subsets in mice and humans. Custom antibody conjugations can be done upon request. Please contact Adeeb Rahman for more information on services and current antibody availability.


Initial consultation, panel development and project planning Fee
Additional consultation $50/hr
Antibody use from standard panels (DVS) $4/antibody/sample
Custom conjugated antibodies $8/antibody/sample
Sample acquisition on the CyTOF
(~200,000 events/10 minutes/0.5ml sample injection)
Data analysis/figure preparation $50/hr

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