We provide free consultation services for all users to discuss imaging needs including (but not limited to) microscope selection, image analysis, immuno-staining, and sample preparation. In addition to this service, we offer free microscope time for testing new experiments prior to training. We also provide facility tours to staff members and new recruits and can provide letters of support for your grant writing needs.

To request training, simply email the Managing Director to setup your initial consultation.


All users of the Microscopy Shared Resource Facility must adhere to the following facility policies.


  • All new users are required to meet with the Managing Director to discuss their imaging needs and for assistance in microscope selection.
  • User training is conducted on a one-on-one basis.
  • All users are trained by qualified facility staff members only.
  • Users are not permitted to train other users.
  • Users are required to have samples for training.
  • A signed authorization form is needed from the Principal Investigator prior to training.

Making Reservations

  • Each user is assigned a unique username and password for logging into facility workstations and reserving microscope time on the web-based scheduling program.
  • Users are not permitted to share user accounts.
  • Once a user has completed training, the facility is accessible to them 24/7.
  • Users will be charged for any unused microscope time for appointments cancelled within 24-hours of the reservation.


  • Users with BSL2 or BSL2+ specimens must have an approved SOP signed by the Biosafety Officer on file with the Microscopy CORE prior to bringing samples to the facility.
  • All live animal imaging requires IACUC approval prior to using the facility. A signed approval must be on file with the Microscopy CORE.
  • No gloves are allowed when handling any microscope system or workstation.
  • All confocal and multiphoton users are required to pass the online Laser Safety Training course prior to training and must have a certificate of completion on file with the Microscopy CORE.


  • The Microscopy CORE does not provide archival or storage services for data. Users are responsible for the immediate collection and backup of their data. CDs/DVDs are offered free of charge from the facility.

Contact Us

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Deanna Benson, PhD
Scientific Director
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Rumana Huq, MS
Managing Director
Tel: 212-241-3906
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Consultation Times:
Monday through Friday
9:00am - 5:00pm

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