Mouse Genetics and Gene Targeting

Service Rate
Pronuclear injection (hybrid stains) $2,600.00
Pronuclear injection (inbred stains) $3,250.00
ES cell subcloning $2,600.00
ES cell generation from existing lines $2,500.00
ES cell injection $1,095.00
IVF rederivations or recovery $1,300.00
Embryo rederivations or recovery $1,095.00
Sperm cryopreservation (basic/per male) $437.00
Sperm cryopreservation (plus/per male) $760.00
ES cell karyotyping (per clone) $167.00

*In addition to the service fees listed above, the cost of the mice used for each day of a project will be paid by the requesting investigator. All projects that result in the production of mice will also be assessed a health testing fee (health testing is required prior to transfer of animals from the CORE production room to a requesting investigator’s animal housing room).

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