Fellow Rotations

Mount Sinai Cardiology Investigator Track Fellowship Program

YEAR 3**
      NIH Training Grant
NIH Training Grant
Outpatient Clinic 1/2 day per week 1/2 day per week 1/2 day per week  
Coronary Care Unit 2 months      
Fuster Fellow 1 month 1 month    
Consults 1 month 1 month    
Cardiac Catheterization 2 months 2 months    
Echocardiography 6 weeks 6 weeks    
Electrophysiology 1 month 1 month    
Nuclear Cardiology & Stress 1 month 0-1 month    
Cardiothoracic Surgery****   1/2 month    
Heart Failure Transplant   1/2 month    
CT/MRI   1/2 month    
Vascular Medicine   1/2 month    
Basic Research     12 months*** 12 months***
Elective/Clinical Research   1-2 months 12 months  

*One month each year is reserved for vacation. Selected rotations include approximately one-third time at the James J. Peters (Bronx) Veterans Affairs Medical Center. Due to flexibility in scheduling, duration and timing above is no more than a rough example. There are thirteen four-week months in a year.

**Fellows who elect to pursue advanced training in clinical cardiovascular medicine may add 1 or 2 years for subspecialty training.

***Fellows who elect to pursue training in basic research will complete the required clinical rotations in the first two years (in place of elective/clinical research) and enter a laboratory for two years starting in year three. In some instances, laboratory training may precede clinical training entirely.

****Time on this rotation is also spent in Cardiac Rehabilitation and Preventive Cardiology.

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