Housing, Transportation, and Parking

Subsidized Mount Sinai housing is available upon request; this includes several apartment buildings in the vicinity of the medical center. In addition, fellows are eligible for accommodation in Mount Sinai's residences which include furnished bedrooms in shared suites, unfurnished studios, and 1-2 bedroom apartments. Occupancy is subject to availability and applicants must apply. Housing is also available commercially within walking distance from the medical center. You may contact the Real Estate Office at (212) 722-5096 for further information.

Mount Sinai operates a shuttle bus between the medical center and the James J. Peters VA Medical Center. Shuttle bus schedules are coordinated with changes of shift and other peak transportation needs.

Parking is currently available on a monthly or daily basis in the Mount Sinai Garages (rates are subsidized). Parking is also available in buildings used for professional housing near the Mount Sinai Campus. Additional information about parking is available from the security office at (212) 241-5661.