Community Initiatives & Advocacy

Mount Sinai Pediatrics has a long standing commitment to the surrounding community and to helping empower patients and their families to improve health. One of the goals of the Pediatric Residency is to provide residents with the skills needed to advocate for patients at the local, state, and national level, to work with community partners to identify needs in the community, and to recognize the barriers to care for children in the surrounding community. Mount Sinai Residents are actively involved in the community in a variety of settings including during the Adolescent Rotation during first-year, participation in Project DOCC, a home-visit program, and during the Advocacy block during second-year. Residents also participate in our advocacy core lecture noon conference series, obesity prevention programs, school based education initiatives and various clinic outreach projects. For residents with a strong interest in advocacy, the Pediatric Advocacy Club is actively engaged in many more opportunities and longer term advocacy projects.

School Health Program

The major goal of the Mount Sinai Pediatric School Health Program in East Harlem is to improve the overall health and social welfare of the community by improving access to primary health care and social services for elementary school children and families through the development of school-based health services and a referral network including local community agencies and Mount Sinai. Major objectives include monitoring of demographic trends and community health indicators and the development of a community-based clinical pediatric education program for students and house staff.

The current program includes the Elementary School Health Project, a comprehensive school-based model where primary health care services are made available in four schools in East Harlem and the Early Child Health Project, a school-based model for identification and case management of health and social problems for pre-kindergarten children. Pediatric house staff rotate through the program during their ambulatory block rotations and enjoy a unique community-based clinical experience working with the interdisciplinary school health team.