Interview Day

Interviews are offered to candidates who have submitted complete applications. The interviews are typically held during the months of February, March and April on Mondays, Tuesdays or Thursdays.

What should you expect on your interview day?

Morning Didactic or Neurosurgery/Neuroradiology Work Rounds 

Monday interviews:
Fellowship applicants who are scheduled for Monday interviews will start the day at 7:30am with Dr. Som’s weekly ENT radiology conference. 

Tuesday and Thursday interviews:

Fellowship applicants scheduled for Tuesday or Thursdays will start the day 7:00am attending our conjoint Neurosurgery/Neuroradiology work rounds. 

Although the start time is early, many of our current and past fellows have said that exposure to these conferences was a very positive experience during their interview day and offered a fuller flavor of what the Mount Sinai fellowship would offer.

Introduction and Program Overview - Following morning didactics/work rounds, the applicants will meet with the program director, Dr. Doshi.  He will provide an overview of the program and answer preliminary questions.

Tour - Applicants will then have a tour of our main Mount Sinai facilities, including our reading rooms and Neuroradiology fellows room as well as our newly constructed outpatient practice in the Hess Building. 

Interviews - After the tour, applicants will have a total of 3-4 interviews with one of our Neuroradiology faculty members. 

Lunch - Interviews will be completed before lunch at which point applicants will have the opportunity to spend lunch with our current fellows to ask questions and discuss various aspects of the program. 

After lunch the interview day is complete and applicants are excused.  

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