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Oxford - King's College London - Medical Ethics Student Exchange Program

Icahn School of Medicine has developed a student exchange program with the Ethox Centre of Oxford University and the Centre of Medical Law and Ethics of King's College London (KCL), our British partners in the Oxford-Mount Sinai Consortium on Bioethics. For each year over the past fourteen years, two Icahn School of Medicine students have received a fellowship to spend a month during their fourth year in an elective clerkship at either Oxford or KCL. The aim of the exchange is to allow participants the opportunity to encounter a health care delivery system and experience an approach to medical ethics significantly different from our own. Such an experience offers fellows a chance to consider critically medical ethics and the British system of health care delivery and to develop a more informed opinion of the strengths and weaknesses of the two as well as a better idea of what a physician and medical practice should be.

One of two students receiving the fellowships for 2010-2011 will be spending a month primarily in Oxford, the other in London. At each site, the students will participate in medical ethics elective programs and a variety of related activities. In the past, students have found that this exchange provides a rich array of experience. The opportunities for interacting with British peers and some limited patient contact should make the visit worthwhile and stimulating.

Participating students provide for their own food, lodging, and transportation. The Department of Medical Education will grant a stipend of $1200 for each participant to help offset these expenses. In Oxford, the University will help to arrange for housing at a reasonable cost.

We invite third-year students to apply for a fellowship in the Oxford - King's College London - Student Exchange Program. To apply, please download and complete the Student Exchange application form found in Related Resources and return a clearly headed electronic or paper copy to Rosamond Rhodes, PhD, rosamond.rhodes@mssm.edu , Box #1076. Applications must be received by noon, Monday, February 28, 2011. Shortly thereafter, interviews we will arrange interviews for each applicant. Please feel free to call if you have any questions (212-241-3757).

Medical Ethics Student Organization (MESO)

This student group fosters dynamic conversation concerning ethical issues in medicine. It encourages students to extend their discussion of ethical issues beyond the parameters of the classroom. The group co-sponsors the monthly Center-Wide Ethics Luncheons. MESO also organizes and hosts evening guest speakers and an annual Ethics Night dinner meeting

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