Welcome to the Mount Sinai MD/PhD Program

The MD/PhD program of the Icahn School of Medicine Graduate School of Biomedical Sciences develops future physician-scientists in a rigorous joint-degree program in an environment that promotes cutting-edge research.

Our cross-disciplinary approach addresses complex biomedical problems, encourages collaborations throughout the institution, and exposes students to translational initiatives in an effort to apply new basic science discoveries to clinical care. Our graduates are uniquely poised to embark on careers as independent investigators and to become leaders in their field of research and academic medicine. The MD/PhD program offers a wealth of options to meet each student’s goals. The Graduate School’s predoctoral training programs reflect the multidisciplinary and collaborative nature of contemporary biomedical sciences.

In accordance with the recommendation of the National Academy of Sciences and other major study groups, our students develop a conceptual framework for an important research problem. The multidisciplinary core curriculum and training area organization sensitize students to the broader biomedical context. Our students learn to take creative and sophisticated approaches to scientific problems in a variety of career settings.

Graduating students are awarded the MD degree and the PhD degree in either biomedical sciences or neurosciences by the Icahn School of Medicine.

Ninety-four students are currently matriculated in the Mount Sinai MD/PhD Training Program. The total training faculty represent 200 research laboratories. Mount Sinai's research faculty is in a period of active growth. Students therefore enjoy interactions with new faculty members and the novel programs and viewpoints they bring to the school.