Each year, about twelve students from diverse backgrounds and hometowns come to New York City to join Mount Sinai’s MSTP. Since MD/PhD students are at Mount Sinai longer than most other graduate students and the dual-degree program comes with its own unique set of challenges, we make every effort to develop a strong community that will support every student throughout their journey. MD/PhDs are supported not only by MSTP preclinical and clinical advisors, but also by the full range of faculty advisors available to medical students. Furthermore, each incoming class is paired with older students in the program who introduce them to the best ways to achieve success in their early years in the program. We also hold a yearly retreat for MD/PhDs to give students a chance to relax, socialize, present progress on their research and learn from faculty and invited medical scientists. Read more about Student Life

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All current MSTP students are listed here by their year of matriculation, along with their undergraduate institution(s) and their laboratory and Multidisciplinary Training Area (MTA), if declared.


Eziwoma Alibo (West Virginia Wesleyan College)
Joshua Borgerding (Washington University)
Kipp Johnson (University of Chicago)
Deepak Kaji (Cornell University)
Andrew Leader (Cooper Union )
Joshua Mayourian (Cooper Union )
Grace Mosley (Rhodes College)
Alexander Real (Stanford University)
Ryan Smith (Columbia University)
William Zhao (Yale University)


Marcus Badgeley (Ohio State University)
Mark Bailey (University of California–Berkeley)
Sandhya Chandrasekaran (California Institute of Technology)
Mark Chen (University of California–San Diego)
Fiona Desland (University of Florida)
Nicholas Heitman (University of Wisconsin)
Hope Kronman (Yale University)
Vincent Luo (Rutgers University)
Seshat Mack (Howard University)
Prashanth Rajarajan (Michigan State University)
Felix Richter (Northwestern University)
Cindy Tian (Brown University)


Philip Avigan (Columbia University); Shapiro Lab, NEU
Matthew Chambers (Utah State University); Evans Lab, MIC
Eduardo Contijoch (Princeton University); Faith Lab, GGS
Michael Daniel (University of California Los Angeles); Lemischka Lab, DSCB
Helya Ghaffari (University of Maryland); Reddy Lab, CAB
Matthew Hernandez (Brown University); Simon Lab, MIC
Kevin Hoffman (Haverford College); Lim Lab, MIC
Zachary Lorsch (Cornell University); Nestler Lab, NEU
Andrew McKenzie (Vassar College); Zhang Lab, NEU
Elisa Nabel (Harvard University); Morishita Lab, NEU
Theodore Pak (Harvard University); Kasarskis Lab, DTE
Ranjan Upadhyay (Columbia University); Brody Lab, IMM


Stephen Bohlman (Boston College)
Jennifer Diaz (University of Minnesota); Cagan Lab, CAB
Benjamin Laitman (University of Pennsylvania); John Lab, NEU
Sean Lllewellyn (Brigham Young University); Esplugues Lab, IMM
Patrick Maffucci (New York University); Cunningham-Rundles Lab, IMM
Jaclyn Rabkin (Princeton University); Nestler Lab, NEU
Efrain Ribeiro (Wesleyan University); Nestler Lab, NEU
Joseph Scarpa (University of Virginia); Kasarskis/Schadt Lab, NEU
David Shiovitz (Columbia University)
Teddy-John Wohlbold (Rutgers University); Palese Lab, MIC
Chati-Lum Zony (University of Delaware); tenOever Lab, MIC


Kevin Barnum (University at Buffalo); Ghaffari Lab, DSCB
Tobias Cohen (Brown University); Tortorella Lab, MIC
Megan Cummins (Lafayette College); Sobie Lab, SBDT
Ryan Devenyi (Bowdoin College); Sobie Lab, SBDT
Rebecca Hamlin (Pomona College); Sesma Lab, MIC
Igor Katsyv (Johns Hopkins University); Gallo Lab, NEU
Yonit Lavin (Harvard University); Merad Lab, IMM
Douglas Mathern (University of Arizona); Dahn Lab, IMM
Michael L. Miller (SUNY Binghamton); Hurd Lab, NEU
Robert Rifkin (University of Maryland, Baltimore County); Blitzer Lab, NEU
Rajal Sharma (Northwestern University); Zhou/Walsh Labs, SMD


Timothy Cashman (Bowdoin College); Costa Lab, DSCB
David Chiang (Stanford University); Berin Lab, IMM
Virginia Gao (Columbia University); Alberini Lab, NEU
Peter Goff (Middlebury College); Palese Lab, MIC
Mitra Heshmati (Johns Hopkins University); Russo Lab, NEU
Andrew Kent (University of Chicago); Blander, IMM
Peter Hongdau Liu (Caltech); Sidi Lab, CAB
Rachel Sennett (Haverford College); Rendl Lab, DSCB
Noa Simchoni (University of California-Los Angeles); Cunningham-Rundles Lab
Harish Vasudevan (Caltech); Soriano Lab, NEU


Jalal Ahmed (Columbia University); Merad Lab, PSB
Robert Chong (Princeton University); Pan Lab
Caroline Dias (Cornell University); Nestler Lab, NEU
Luis Duarte (University of Miami); Bernstein Lab, CAB
Jenny Dworzak (University of Washington); NIH Oxford-Cambridge GPP
Benjamin Goldman-Israelow (Washington University); Evans Lab, MIC
Jimmy Huynh (Johns Hopkins University); Casaccia Lab, GGS
Rebecca Josowitz (University of Richmond); Gelb Lab, GGS
Arielle Klepper (Cornell University); Branch Lab, IMM
Jeremy Price (University of Pennsylvania); Merad Lab, IMM
David Zhang (University of California-Berkeley); Friedman Lab, GGS
Shan Zhao (University of Rochester); Iyengar Lab, PSB


Sarah Ann Anderson (Xavier University); Hurd Lab, PSB
Jason Cook (Grinnell College); Ramirez Lab, PSB
Dailia Francis (CUNY Hunter); Sesma Lab, MIC
Julian Gingold (Harvard University); Lemischka Lab, DSCB
Vinitha Jacob (Princeton University); Edepli-Sadler Lab
Chaya Levovitz (Barnard College); Sachidanandam Lab, PSB
Dac Nguyen (Harvard University, Johns Hopkins University); Hanss Lab, BSBB
Jay Pendse (Harvard University); Cagan Lab, PSB
Christopher Seibert (College of William); Palese Lab, MIC
Emir Senturk (Brown University); Martignetti Lab, CAB

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