Student Life

As demanding as school is, MD/PhD students at Mount Sinai are usually pleasantly surprised to discover there is ample time for other pursuits. New York City affords extraordinary opportunities for exploring your interests, whatever they may be. Together the Student Council and the Recreation Office work to help students make the most of these opportunities, including obtaining discount tickets to shows, concerts, movies and other events.

MD/PhDs are at Mount Sinai for a longer time than most other students, and as a result, many become heavily invested in leadership positions to shape the student experience. MD/PhDs currently play a major role in the Wellness Committee, which is a student organization dedicated to the improvement of health and well-being of students outside of the academic environment. Two representatives for MD/PhDs in the preclinical and graduate phases sit on the Student Council. As a sampling of other popular student activities, MD/PhDs are represented on the leadership of a free medical education program for neighborhood middle school students called MedStart, perform in coffeehouses and theatrical productions by SinaiArts, and volunteer at EHHOP, the student-run free clinic. In all, there are roughly 100 student groups supported by the School of Medicine, and the Student Council recognizes the formation of new student groups every month.

Campus and Neighborhood

Located in one of the most diverse neighborhoods in one of the most dynamic cities in the world, Icahn School of Medicine at Mount Sinai shares a four-block campus with The Mount Sinai Hospital bordering East Harlem and Yorkville neighborhoods in Manhattan. Adjacent to Central Park, the campus extends from 98th Street to 102nd Street and eastward from Fifth Avenue to Park Avenue. East Harlem, a predominantly low income community, and Yorkville, one of the nation's most affluent communities, create a broad mix of cultural, socioeconomic and ethnic residents, which results in unique educational and health service opportunities at Mount Sinai.

Central Park offers over 800 acres of athletic fields, lawns and forests, with the recently restored East Meadow facing the school campus and the Reservoir running track and serene Conservatory Garden only blocks away. Mount Sinai is also situated on Museum Mile, a stretch of Fifth Avenue that encompasses some of New York's most important cultural institutions, beginning with the Museo Del Barrio and including prominent institutions like the the Guggenheim Museum, and The Jewish Museum. The mile ends at the Metropolitan Museum of Art, the largest art museum in the United States. The Recreation Office can assist you with obtaining tickets to the museums as well as numerous sporting and cultural events.

Life in New York City

Students at Icahn School of Medicine have compiled the Icahn School of Medicine at Mount Sinai Student Life Guide to help new students navigate the neighborhood and the city’s many attractions. (The opinions expressed by the authors do not necessarily reflect the opinions of the Icahn School of Medicine at Mount Sinai or any Mount Sinai employees.) Despite New York’s reputation for jaw-dropping prices, students in the city are usually surprised to learn that there are many things to do in the city that are cheap or free, which are publicized on several websites.

Because Mount Sinai is slightly removed from the bustle of commuters and tourists in Midtown, and yet is only a fifteen-minute subway ride away from most of the downtown neighborhoods, most MD/PhD students find it easy to balance studying and relaxing on campus while socializing with fellow students and friends around the city. New York City—and in particular the vibrant neighborhoods right around Sinai—create an environment of enrichment and exploration that can perfectly complement the focused study involved in completing the MSTP.

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