Tuition/Financial Aid

Tuition for incoming students in the 2014-2015 Academic Year will be $950.00 per credit.

Students are billed each Term by Icahn School of Medicine's Bursar's office based upon the courses for which they register.

If a student has applied for financial aid, and has applied for enough to cover tuition and medical insurance, he/she should coordinate payment of the tuition due with the Bursar's office.

If a student has not applied for financial aid, the tuition must be paid upon receipt of the invoice from the Bursar's office.

If a student decides to add or drop a course after his/her initial Registration, he/she must change his/her course selections on the Program's website before the Registration Deadline. Any student who fails to change his/her initial Registration on the website prior to the Registration Deadline will not be eligible to take a course (if not enrolled) or to receive a tuition refund (if not withdrawn) for that Term.

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