Tuition and Fees

Once you have been accepted to the Icahn School of Medicine at Mount Sinai (ISMMS), we work with you and your family to enable you to attend. In considering your options, it is helpful to understand the financial commitments for the academic year.

We expect full payment of tuition within 14 days into each term of enrollment. The late payment fee is $100. The Board of Trustees reserves the right to revise all fees, including tuition. 

The following are estimates of tuition and fees, for some of the programs that we currently offer. This information relates to the academic year 2015-2016.


 MD Program 


$46,388 per year

General Fee

$1,500 per year

Activity Fee

$100 per year

Technology Fee 
(First- and Second-Year students only)

$120 per year


Masters in Genetic Counseling 

Tuition (first-and second-semester students)

$12,619 per semester

Tuition (third-semester students)

$12,133 per semester

General Fee

$750 per semester

Activity Fee

$50 per semester



Master of Science in Biomedical Sciences


Tuition $15,000 per semester

Activity Fee

$50 per semester

*Tuition rate is for 45 total program credits. Any student who takes more than 45 credits total will be charged an additional $1,000 per credit.


Master of Public Health Program (MPH)


Tuition $1,000 per credit

Activity Fee

$33 per term


Master of Clinical Research Program 


$1,000 per credit

Activity Fee 

$33 per term

PhD Tuition

$1,100 per credit

Activity Fee

$33 per term

Estimated Cost of Attendance by Program

The cost of attending medical or graduate school varies by program. In addition to tuition and fees, it encompasses books and other supplies as well as living expenses. The program budgets below represent the cost of attending ISMMS.


Cost of Attendance Budget


MD Budget

MS in Biomedical Sciences

MSBS Budget

MS in Biostatistics 

MSB Budget

MS in Clinical Research 

MSCR Y1 Budget, MSCR Y2 Budget

PhD in Clinical Research                             

PhD CR Y1 Budget, PhD CR Y2 Budget, and PhD CR Y3 Budget

MS in Genetic Counseling

MSGC Budget

MS in Health Care Delivery Leadership

MSHCDL Y1 Budget and MSHCDL Y2 Budget

Master of  Public Health

MPH Y1 Budget, MPH Y2 Budget

Certificate in Public Health

CPH Budget

Dual-Degree Programs with MD Tuition only

ISMMS also offers dual-degree programs for MD students, where we do not charge tuition for the accompanying MS degree.


We select up to five students in each class for the Patient-Oriented Research Training and Leadership (PORTAL) program. This five-year MD/MSCR dual degree program features strong mentorship and encourages you in your career development as a physician-scientist.

Dean's Scholars in Global Health Program

We accept two scholars from each class into the Dean's Scholars in Global Health Program. This five-year MD/MPH program allows you to devote an entire year to completing the MPH degree, with the choice of completing all degree requirements during your "year out" or taking a small number of courses during your first two years of medical school and completing the bulk of degree requirements during the year out.


All ISMMS students are required to carry medical insurance. If you do not have your own insurance, we will enroll you in the Icahn School of Medicine’s insurance program. We prorate insurance charges based on the length of your academic program.