Clinic Operations

EHHOP is staffed each week with approximately 15 Icahn School of Medicine at Mount Sinai medical students from all class years and two volunteer attending physicians. EHHOP functions as a primary care clinic where students serve in clinical teams composed of a senior and a junior clinician, clinic manager, lab personnel, patient advocates, and several other positions necessary to maintain a functioning clinic.

Students see all patients under the supervision of faculty from the General Internal Medicine Division of The Mount Sinai Hospital. Our staff also includes a social worker who provides screenings for insurance eligibility, psychosocial counseling, and referrals to other agencies.

Faculty Involvement

Mount Sinai physicians are critical to our success at EHHOP. Attending physicians staff the clinic each week, providing care to our patients and instruction to our students. Physicians also provide charitable specialty care and assist in recruiting colleagues and other interprofessional providers.

Attending physicians at EHHOP play a formative role in medical education. They share their enthusiasm for advocacy with students and teach them the value of high quality, evidence-based care for vulnerable populations.

Physicians who volunteer several times throughout the year may fulfill departmental service requirements. If you are an attending physician or fellow interested in volunteering, please contact our Physician Recruitment Chair at

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