Past Steering Committees

Please note that position titles have been refined and changed over the years.


Second-Year Chair - Masha Jones
Fourth-Year Chair - Thomas McBride
Operations Chair - Andrew Chow
Chief Teaching Senior - Annie Levenson
Chief Clinic Manager - Sonia Jarrett
Student Recruitment Chair - Jake Martin
Referrals Chair - Kristen Ng
Research Chair - Noa Simchoni
Physician Recruitment Chair - Jacqui Rabkin
Student Education Chair - Geoff Hart-Cooper
Patient Navigation and Wellness Chair - Armand Gottlieb
Pharmacy Chair - Ann Wang
Physician Recruitment - Jacqui Rabkin
Benefits Chair - Daniel Choi
EHHOP Spanish Interpreters Program Coordinator - Edwin Homan
Finance Coordinator - Zachary Sherman
Community Outreach Coordinator - Kyle Pasternac
Almuni and Events Coordinator - Zachary Lorsch
IT Coordinator - Theodore Pak
Research Coordinator - David Chiang


Second-Year Chair - Alex Bachorik
Fourth-Year Chair - Matthew Spinelli
Operations Chair - Radeyah Hack
Chief Teaching Senior - Linda Wang
Chief Clinic Manager - Jackie Rankine
Student Recruitment Chair - Marti Dembowitz
Referrals Chair - Ammar Siddiqui
Research Chair - Noa Simchoni
Physician Recruitment Chair - Liz Pedowitz
Student Education Chair - Nandini Palaniappa
Patient Navigation Chair - Mark Kurzrok
Pharmacy Chair - David Chiang
Finance Chair - Arjun Yerasi
EHHOP Spanish Interpreters Program Coordinator - Jennifer Diaz
ACT Coordinator - Chloe Ciccariello
Community Outreach Coordinator - Nate Raines
Events Coordinator - Rajan Dang
IT Coordinator - Allie Gips


Clinic Chairs - Jessica Taylor and Temitope Awosogba
Operations - Anthony Andriotis
Chief Teaching Senior - Sheila Antony
Chief Clinic Manager - Annie Levenson
Student Education - Demetri Blanas
Physician Recruitment - Salina Bakshi
Information Technology - Brandon Kandarian
External Development - Robert Brenner
Internal Development - John Chiosi
Pharmacy - Adam Phillips
Student Recruitment - Akash Kumar
Referrals - Tom McBride
Social Work/Patient Education - Jillian Nickerson
Community Outreach - Devora Aharon
Statistics/Research - Andrew Chow


Clinic Chairs - Ari Moskowitz and Radeyah Hack
Operations - Nick Meo
Statistics/Research - Andrew Chow
Fundraising - Elizabeth Jefferson
Treasurer - Geoff Hart-Cooper
Community Outreach - Linda Wang
Physician Coordinator - Nandini Palaniappa
Student Recruitment - Samantha Gelfand
Chief Clinic Manager - Hari Shankar
Pharmacy - Alicia Floyd
Social Work - Lucy Schulson
Student Education - Kate Liberman
Referrals - Ben Grimmnitz
Information Technology - Jimmy Huynh


Clinic Chairs - Eric Smith and Demetri Blanas
Operations - Clair McClung
Statistics/Research - Jeff Tornheim
Fundraising - Gillian Heinecke
Treasurer - Chris Seibert
Community Outreach - Stephen Merjavy
Physician Coordinator - Jessica Taylor
Student Recruitment - Lindsey Stephens
Chief Clinic Manager - Anthony Andriotis
Pharmacy - Hana Akselrod
Social Work - Leah Fow
Student Education - Takintope Akinbiyi
Referrals - Alexis Kearney
Information Technology - Benjamin Azan


Clinic Chairs - Nick Meo and Anne Stey
Operations - Mai-khanh Bui-duy
Statistics/Research - Alicia Floyd
Fundraising - Joni Price
Treasurer - Lisa Ochoa-Frongia
Community Outreach - Pooja Mehta
Physician Coordinator - Julia Fritz
Student Recruitment - George Alba
Chief Clinic Manager - Francis Youn
Pharmacy - Ari Moskowitz
Social Work - Kate Liberman
Student Education - Matt Whitson
Referrals - Jessica Zeidman


Clinic Chairs - Andrew Chow and Adi Bar-Lev
Operations - Peter Vasquez
Statistics/Research - Kira Ryskina
Fundraising - Tatyana Kushner
Treasurer - Melissa Wong
Community Outreach - Gabriel Soriano
Physician Coordinator - Lauren Zajac
Student Recruitment - Tope Akinbiyi
Chief Clinic Manager - David Braun
Pharmacy - E. Clair McClung
Social Work - Eli Sprecher
Student Education - Jonathan Hausmann
Referrals - Jes Hernandez


Clinic Chairs - Jessica Zeidman and Jarone Lee
Operations - Laura Gelfman
Finance/Statistics - Brian Lehpamer and Patrick Burke
Community Outreach - Tyralee Goo
Physician Coordinator - Timothy Greene
Student Recruitment - Matthew Whitson
Chief Clinic Manager - Brian Nicholas and Hana Takusagawa
Pharmacy - Mai-Khanh Bui-Duy
Social Work - Deirdre Mooney
Student Education - Stephen Berns, Natalie Edmondson, and Rachel Goldstein
Referrals - Karen Gluck


Clinic Chairs - Miranda von Dornum and Eric Smith
Operations - Adi Bar-Lev
Finance/Statistics - Elvera Baron
Community Outreach - Stephanie Diamantis
Physician Coordinator - Jessica Hernandez and Michelle Carley
Student Recruitment - Jonathan Hausmann
Chief Clinic Manager - William Coward and James Celestin
Pharmacy - Anne Stey
Social Work - Sara Hurtado-Rogers and Jessica Cohen
Student Education - Stephen Berns
Patient Education - Sherry Megalla and James Celestin


Clinic Chairs - Demian Szyld and Jarone Lee
Community Outreach/Chief Clinic Manager - Elizabeth Smith (Corrie)
Finance/Statistics - Eric Smith and Melissa Kujawski
Operations - Hana Takusagawa
Physician Coordinator - Tyralee Goo and James Celestin
Student Recruitment - Natalie Edmondson
Referrals - Sejal Shah
Patient Education - Sherry Megalla and James Celestin


Jessica Zonana, MD
Elizabeth Visceglia, MD
Nicole Bouvier, MD
Anna Riggio-Rosen, MD
Lori Zbar, MD
David Thomas, MD
Yasmin Meah, MD

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